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Voltage Monitors
Rhomberg voltage monitors, are used to monitor AC or DC voltage, and switch a relay contact at a pre-determined level, primarily used for overvoltage or undervoltage protection. (Available in 11-pin plug-in or DIN rail format)

SP201 Voltage Monitoring Relay Single Phase AC(rms)/ DC
Overvoltage or Undervoltage monitoring & protection

  • 11-pin plug-in.
  • Fail-to-safe design.
  • Programmable for overvoltage or undervoltage monitoring.
  • Programmable input voltage range up to 600V AC (RMS) or DC (Input ranges: (AC or DC), 15V 150V, 30V 300V, 60V 600V).
  • Trip point adjustable on percentage scale (10% to 100%).
  • Adjustable hysteresis (5% to 30%).
  • Adjustable response time on trip (0.1 to 10 seconds).
  • Selectable latching (ie manual or auto reset).
  • Relay ON LED's.
  • 10A SPDT relay output.
  • Supersedes SP200.
  • Requires optional S3-B 11-pin base.
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