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Photoelectric (Opto) Sensors
Rhomberg photoelectric sensors must be interfaced with the Rhomberg SC410 monitoring relay to operate. This enables the unit to be powered from 240VAC but to switch a potential-free 10A C/O relay contact when the infra-red beam is broken. They are available in combined transmitter/receiver or separate transmitter & receiver formats.

RO2 Photoelectric (Opto-electronic) Sensors.
For use with Rhomberg SC410 relays

  • Separate transmitters and receivers, or transmitter & receiver in one unit
  • Interface directly to optional Rhomberg monitoring relay SC410.
  • Target or space sensing
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RO4 Opto-electronic Fork Sensor
Edge detection, mark detection on packaging lines

  • Supply voltage 10-30VDC
  • Maximum load current: 400mA
  • High switching frequency (10kHz max) - suitable for high speed packaging lines
  • Adjustable beam strength to ensure reliable switching via internal or external potentiometer.
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SC410 Opto-electronic Control Relay for Rhomberg RO2 Photo-electric sensors
Proximity or Barrier Infra-red sensing and switching

  • 11-pin plug-in.
  • Direct interface with Rhomberg RO2 Photo-electric sensor range.
  • Programmable: dark or light response.
  • Adjustable: delayed ON up to 5s, delayed OFF up to 5s, transmit light intensity.
  • Signal modulated beam to stop foreign light source interference.
  • High speed solid state transistor output.
  • Direct interface for solid state relays.
  • 10A SPDT relay output
  • Sensor or cable fault detection and indication.
  • Requires optional S3-B 11-pin base.
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